Allnic Audio Speednic


Universal Turntable Speed Verification System

The Allnic Speednic is designed to measure the speed of the turntable at 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm speeds. One advantage is you can measure rotational speed while a record is playing, allowing for adjustment to compensate for the drag of the stylus.

Universal Application  •  Universal Application  •  Exceptional accuracy and reliability



Product Specifications


    Universal Application

    • All world regions (battery operated)
    • All turntables, anywhere, worldwide, on or off the system rack
    • All turntable speeds: 33 and a third, 45 and 78
    • All times: before, during and after playing a record – verify the speed while the record is playing, accounting even for cartridge “drag”


    Ultimate Simplicity

    • Does not rely on line voltage: works for 50 or 60 Hz turntables without adjustment
    • Runs on 3 “C” type alkaline batteries, easily replaceableli>
    • A single string of measurement lines to read
    • Only two controls: On/Off and speed selection
    • Flexible “gooseneck” lamp stem: set the SpeedNic controller on or near the turntable to use – or hold it in your hand


    Exceptional Accuracy and Reliability

    • Accurate to within +/- 0.001%
    • CNC milled steel, 350 g record stabilizer / speed stability indicator
    • Extremely reliable, long life LED bulb, manufactured in Japan
    • Heavy duty, CNC milled aluminum controller case
    • High quality, durable steel flexible lamp stem


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