Thorens TD309 Tri-Balance Manual Turntable


Tri-Balance Manual Turntabl

The Thorens TD 309 sets new standards in Analogue Replay. The turntable’s innovative three-point-suspension (Tri-Balance) ensures perfect balance in both mechanical and aesthetic terms. Form and function work in harmony to make the TD 309 a turntable that is guaranteed to reveal the magic of analogue replay.

Innovative Three-Point Suspension   •   RMR   •   Technology



Product Specifications


    The Thorens TP 92 tonearm, which was specially designed for Thorens turntables, uses an ultra-low-friction bearing and an innovative magnetic anti-bias system with zero stiction. The arm tube is made from rolled aluminium that is damped using RMR (Reduced Modal Resonance) technology. The brass counterweight at the end of the arm tube is double-decoupled, and the tonearm is so designed that its centre of gravity is level with the stylus.


    Low Noise


    Low Voltage electronically speed controlled


    DC Motor


    Adjustable belt tension for best performance


    Aluminium sub platter with single line contact


    Fused silica platter for consistency and sound quality


    New low resonance TP 92 arm with precision


    Japanese bearings


    Arm adjustable for azimuth and overhang


    Operation: manual Drive


    System: belt-drive (flat belt around sub-platter)


    Motor: servo-controlled DC motor


    Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 rpm


    Speed Change: Electronic Platter: 12” / 2.3 kg (glass)


    Tonearm: THORENS® TP 92


    Pick-up Cartridge: THORENS® TAS 267


    Anti-skating (Bias): by magnet Automa



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