Bastanis Wildhorn


Floor Standing Horn-Loaded Crossover-less Speaker

A Speaker designed by Robert Bastani, from Germany, with enormous efficiency of 100 dB / 1 W / 1 m, the uncritical impedance curve and the low demand for amplifier-sided electrical damping provide optimal conditions for operation with Single-Ended tube amplifiers. If the full dynamic range of the Bastanis WILDHORN is to be exploited, also a powerful professional power amplifier can be connected to the speakers.

30 in. Full-Range Drivers  •  Virtual Horn Mouth Chambers  •  Efficiency of 100 dB / 1 W / 1 m

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Product Specifications

The 30 inch full-range drivers offer, due to their large sound-emitting surface, superior dynamics and transients. The unique process of membrane treatment allows the full-range speaker to be coupled directly to the power amps – without any components interrupting the signal path. This allows Bastanis WILDHORN to offer superb detailing and allows amplifiers for maximum control. The WILDHORN concept features across the floor a radiating horn resonator that makes this speaker suitable for both large and smaller listening rooms from 16 m² on. The area of the virtual horn mouth chamber varies and adjusts the bass response independently of the circumstances. Bass performance is extremely clean and dynamic. GEMINI tweeters are a perfect complement to crossover-less operated 30 cm full-range drivers. But the optional Bastanis STANDARD tweeters offer a very good resolution as well. Both tweeter versions are gently docked to the full-range driver by using a single capacitor only. The crossover components and the internal wiring are from our own production and provide optimum quality.


    Efficiency: 100 dB/1 W/1 m an 8 Ohm


    Capacity: 400 W (AES)


    Weight of assembled speaker: ca. 35 Kg/piece


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