Ref3A MM de Capo BE


Monitor Speakers

At the heart of the MM de Capo BE is the hand built carbon fiber main driver. It is now even faster and better controlled.

40Hz  •  Surreal Acoustic Len  •  Reduced Diffraction Effects



Product Specifications

The new high frequency unit is sonically more transparent and detailed than the original. It now has no ferro-fliuds and a much lower resonant frequency. It now integrates even better with the main driver. The cabinet dimensions are unchanged. Critical bracing points have been optimized to achieve an even more silent cabinet and less interference with the drivers. The recent updates to the MM de Capo BE include a new beryllium tweeter which extends to 40 Khz, Surreal Acoustic Len on the driver cone to stop air vortex distortions, and the Nextel matte coated cabinet which reduces diffraction effects and absorbs surface vibrations.

    Sensitivity 92 dB

    Impedance 8 Ohms

    Frequency Response 42Hz to 40KHz

    Power Handling 150 Watts RMS

    Phase Coherent


    Height 15″ (38 cm)

    Width 11″ (28 cm)

    Depth 13″ (33 cm)

    Weight 27 lbs (13 kg) each



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