LTA MicroZOTL 2.0 DELUXE with Linear Power Supply


Headphone Amp & Pre-Amp designed by David Berning

A Class A tube headphone and pre-amplifier, utilizing the patented ZOTL output transformer-less technology that eliminates the transformer distortion and noise.

Class A Pre-amplifier  •  1 watt per channel output  •  Drive speakers, 89db or higher sensitivity



Product Specifications

    Frequency response (full power): 10Hz–20kHz +0/-1dB (4-ohm load); 5Hz–50kHz +0/-1dB (14-ohm load)

    Power output: 1W into 4 ohms (1% THD); 0.5W into 14 ohms (1% THD)

    Sensitivity: 0.6V RMS

    Output impedance: 2 ohms (0.5A/60Hz)

    Input impedance: 50k ohms

    Hum and noise: 90dB below full output (20Hz–20kHz)

    Voltage gain: 10.3dB (4-ohm load); 12.4dB (14-ohm load)

    Utilizes a highly refined, no feedback, Class A triode design coupled with the ZOTL circuitry.

    The power supply is in a separate enclosure for extremely low noise.

    Has a 1 watt per channel output that can easily drive headphones, including low-efficiency electrostatic and planar types.

    Has outputs that enable it to drive tube amplifiers as a Class A preamplifier.

    Gold contacts in all audio path connectors, silver coated copper teflon insulated wiring, hand wound coils and impedance converters, and 100% manufactured in Washington D.C.

    The top of the unit is transparent so that you can see the beautifully constructed circuitry and four vacuum tubes

    External power supply – extremely low noise floor

    Easily drives low efficiency electrostatic and planar headphones

    Eliminates intermodulation distortion that is inherent in all transformer designs

    Simulates the correct transformer turns ratio using impedance converter

    Two selectable inputs

    The vacuum tubes have no adjustments and should provide more than 10,000 hours of tube life

    Automatic universal power supply allowing it to be used in any country.

    Low impedance output easily matches wide range of speakers and headphones

    No heavy power or audio transformers– unit weighs only 5.3lbs or 2.5 kg



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