Allnic Audio A5000 (DHT) Mono-Blocks Amplifier



300B/300BXLS Mono Amplifiers

This amplifier has only DHT vacuum tubes in the signal path. Silent backgrounds; unmatched clarity, detail, speed, decay and harmonic resolution.

Produces unbelievable drive from a single 300B /300BXLS.Layered sound-staging, with incredible air around instruments.Musical in the truest sense



Product Specifications

    10 to 15 watts, high power output (300B / 300BXLS tubes)

    Direct wired – no circuit boards

    Sophisticated ratio, mixed nickel Permalloy PB cored output transformers

    Low distortion, high output “fixed bias”

    Easy bias adjustment

    Analogue power tube current monitor meter

    RCA and balanced inputs

    4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 ohm by pre-order)



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