Allnic Audio HPA 5000


Output Transformer-Less (OTL) and Output Capacitor-Less (OCL) Headphone Amplifier.

The HPA-5000 is Allnic Audio’s Output Transformer-less (OTL) and Output Capacitor-less (OTC) stereo headphone amplifier. The HPA-5000 utilizes a true balanced Positive-Negative cancellation circuit. The HPA-5000 has a voltage gain of +28dB, and a maximum output of 5 watts. It works best with headphones having an impedance of from 30 to 50 Ohms.

High-quality, NOS tubes  •  True OTL/OCL design  •  Pure Class A Operation



Product Specifications


    Two (2) pairs unbalanced (RCA)Headphone Output: One (1) one-quarter inch (1/4”)

Frequency Response:

    20Hz ~ 20KHz (±0.3db)

Voltage Gain:


Optimum Headphone Impedance:

    Thirty (30) to fifty (50) Ohms

Output Wattage:

    Five (5) watts

Maximum Input Voltage:

    Five (5) volts RMS

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):

    Less than 0.03% (1KHz, Output 1V)

S/N Ratio:

    -68db (CCIR, 1KHz)

Power Consumption:

    70 Watts


    6AN8 – New Old Stock – first gain stage – no equivalents

    E180CC – New Old Stock –

Second gain stage – approximately electrically (not sonically) equivalent:

    CV8431, 7062, 5965, 12AV7, 6414, 6829, 7233 – New Old Stock – no equivalents


    AC 2A, 250V


    230mm (~9.1 inches) x 380mm(~12.3 inches) x 165mm (~6.5 inches) (W x D x H)


    Unpacked – 9 Kg (~19.9 lbs), Packaged – 11 Kg (~24.26 lbs)



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