MAD 1920S


Monitor Speaker (Signature version of MAD 1920)

The 1920S by MAD, is hand-made in England. It is a superior monitor with excellent tonal properties, and a vast, panoramic soundstage.

Ultra-Precision Mid/Bass Driver  •  Neodymium Supersonic Tweeter  •  Point-to-Point Wired Crossover w/ Silver Solder

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Product Specifications


    Each monitor features two drivers: an ultra-precision 145mm mid-bass unit coupled with a 22mm neodymium supersonic tweeter that reaches all the way up to 40kHz.


    The crossover frequency is 2kHz and sensitivity is 90dB, so these monitors can be driven to high SPLs with a modestly rated amplifier. (RCA)


    The cabinet makes use of MAD’s own DRC (Damping Resonance Control) technology, while internal wiring consists of 99.9997% pure litz copper conductors and 99.997% diamond silver to wire the tweeter.


    Big Sound and Deep Soundstage


    Smooth Midrange and Sweet Top-end


    Tuneful Bass

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