Allnic Audio L5000 (DHT) Line-Stage Pre Amplifier


(with Kron KR3’s)

Line Stage Preamplifier – Direct Heated Triode

This is the world’s first commercially produced preamplifier with only direct heated triodes (DHTs) in the signal path. With zero negative feedback, precision oil clutched motorized attenuator, zero channel imbalance at any volume, and ultra-high speed, automatic, vacuum tube voltage regulation.

It’s a Pure Class A balanced operation,  •  Utterly transparent and musical with No compromise  •  Custom designed KR Audio Tubes



Product Specifications


    Transformer coupling


    Constant and low (120 OHM) output impedance at all frequencies


    NOS and specially designed KR Audio tubes


    Easy to read tube monitor meters


    Zero negative feedback


    Precision oil clutched motorized attenuator, with zero channel imbalance at any volume


    Ultra high speed, automatic, vacuum tube voltage regulation


    Pure Class A operation


    Pure balanced operation


    Phase control switch


    5 RCA inputs, 2 XLR inputs


    3 outputs: 1 RCA, 2 XLR (1 is record out)


    Remote control



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