KR Audio VA-680i “Kronzilla” Integrated Amplifier


KR Audio VA-680i Tube Integrated Amplifier

The VA680i is a single-ended triode integrated amplifier with pure Class A 60 watts output power using two enormous KR T-1610 tubes (double triodes in parallel) in the output stage while the first stage is solid state using Mosfets

T-1610 Tubes (Largest in the World)  •  60 Watt Output

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Product Specifications


    Output Tubes – 2x 1610 (Kronzilla)


    Output Power – 2x 60 W RMS (THD=3%)


    Bandwidth – 20Hz – 20 kHz (-3db)


    Output Impedance – 4/8 Ohm


    Weight – approx. 50 kg


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