Devialet 200 Amplifier/Streaming DAC


Integrated Amplifier / Streaming DAC

The 200 is an integrated amplifier with a DAC, phono input, wireless streamer, A/D converter (with LP-ripping capability), and subwoofer crossover.

133 dB Signal-to-noise ratio  •  0.001Ω Output impedance  •  Drive speakers, 89db or higher sensitivity



Product Specifications


    Input configuration possibilities for the Devialet 200:

    • Advance phono (MM/MC) x2
    • Maximum power 200W per channel
    • Revolutionary ADH® amplification technology
    • Universal streamer Devialet AIR
    • Digital/Analog Converter « Magic Wire » 192kHz / 24bits
    • Highly-configurable audiophile phono stage
    • Switched-mode power supply 600W continuous, 3000W peak
    • Digital Signal Processor 192kHz / 40bits floating-point
    • Fully-configurable Inputs / Outputs
    • Subwoofer output with active crossover
    • Configurable headphones preamplifier
    • Digitalization of vinyl
    • Chrome-plated Aluminum chassis
    • Radio-Frequency long-range remote control
    • Controllable by smartphone apps (iOS and Android)
    • Horizontal or vertical positioning
    • 100 % Made in France
    • 5 years international warranty


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