Allnic Audio M3000 Mono 140 WPC Mono Blocks MK2


Mono Tube Amplifier

One of the first amplifiers built for the new KT-150 power tube, the M3000 MKII offers massive, stable, resolute power in the proverbial velvet glove.

200 WPC Pentode and 100 WPC Triode  •  On the fly switch to Triode  •  Updated Transformers and Capacitance



Product Specifications

    200 watts of high power output in pentode mode

    100 watts of “SET like” power output in triode mode

    Bigger and updated Transformers

    Higher Capacitance than M3000 MK I

    Analog power tube current monitoring meters

    exceptionally easy bias controls

    soft start circuitry

    individual fuse protection for power tubes

    dual inputs, one RCA and one XLR

    4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 by factory order)



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